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Multiplayer in Unity with Mirror

Once upon a time, Unity provided a first party multiplayer framework - UNet. That’s gone. Thankfully, there’s Mirror.

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Technology Acronyms Explored

Technology acronyms demystified!

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Azure Devops vs Github

A tale of Microwaves & Premature Optimization.

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The Well Mannered Modal

Soon, you’ll be set to raise well-mannered modals of your very own!

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The Minimal Whatever Product

“Release early. Release often.”! Except, nobody can agree on how “early” and how “often”.

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Programmer Humour

A collection of developer jokes scoured from the internet.

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The Dreadfully Wonderful Hackathon

If reading about crunch culture struck a chord, you’re not alone.

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Stop Using /That/ Methodology

Inevitably, you’ve come across several different, usually conflicting, ways of doing it right.

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Hit by a Bus

Is your work held together by duct tape and fate?

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