PrettyNeat! Software Development & Design based in Malta

we code the tastiest tech this side of the globe

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Enterprise Web Applications

We automate systems, to keep things simple at home, in-office, or on the go.

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Monolith or Microservice?

Organizations are complex, but the tools shouldn't be. We'll architect a system that works for you.

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Cloud Applications and SaaS

We help provide the security, high performance and cost-effectiveness of doing things online.

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Serverless, Containers or VPS?

Start local, take it global. From bots to subscription services - we'll put together a platform and stack combination that scales.

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Mobile and Multiplatform

We create responsive applications that adapt to your customers’ habits no matter what their device is!

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Cross Platform or Native?

Sometimes a responsive web app is all it takes. Other times, the only way forward is native. We'll help you figure out when its the right fit.

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pick a stack...

Websites, mobile apps, digital games, and virtual or augmented reality experiences are our bread and butter.

We work with businesses and individuals to design and develop products, modernize internal systems, and bring digital services to market.

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