About PrettyNeat! Software Development & Design based in Malta


Sweet, savory, satisfying.


Timely delivery, uncompromising quality, and transparency of process are our guiding principles. We care deeply about product experience and we're focused on delivering truly world-class software that people love using.

We leverage agile methodologies, software development best practices and cutting edge technology to deliver elegant solutions reflecting our passion for writing pristine code. We care about our company culture and invest in people to create diverse teams of highly skilled developers.





We are a full-stack software development house. We work collaboratively with enterprises, small businesses, and startups to find elegant solutions to prickly problems. Sometimes it means souping up an existing system, sometimes it means starting from scratch. In all cases, the result is going to be pretty neat.


We are a young and innovative software development house based in Malta, Europe. We deliver solutions to enterprises, ecommerce vendors, and startups alike - but what really gets us going are emerging technologies. Be it a bot, augmented reality app, or deep learning algorithm - you'll tend to find us hanging off the bleeding edge.

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Email: support@prettyneat.io

Pretty Neat Phone: +356 23269120



MRA 049X

Marsa Industrial Estate

Marsa MRS3000, Malta

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